Wingspan Aero's maintenance records is not a singular service but a bundled service solution. Within this service our customers receive a maintenance records audit, a bridging report, a timeless digital archive of those records, availability to those records world wide through our web site and a search engine to find a particular record with in the customers private access page. A follow up service accompanies the original audit by posting current logbook times and log page discrepancies on a monthly monitoring service. This enables leasing companies or airlines to have up to date virtual records.


Our physical audit is the most in-depth audit in the market place. Since our background is heavy maintenance and records we have a hit list of recurring troublesome areas on most airframes and inspect those areas first. From that point we will basically do a low level maintenance check (an "A"). This check is a complete over view of an aircraft without opening up the airframe. We will cover general airframe condition, wings, engines, electric systems, avionics systems, and passenger convenience items.

Lease Evaluations

Protect your asset and have Wingspan Aero evaluate any aircraft your about to lease or return to the lessor. This evaluation is well worth your money spent on final settlements.